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Hello You

In the most recent show we got up close and personal with Richard E Grant, Gabrielle, Daisy Lowe and Javeon, as we chatted LOVE & DATING.

Oh, it was pretty special. 


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Have we a whopper show for you or what? We’re bringing some powerhouse personalities down to chat Girl Power with …

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Event 4: Foxy University

It’s almost too cool for a school – We’re holding FOX Talks. Think TED Talks, but foxified. Everything you wish …

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Love & Dating

We’ve saved our biggest and best show for the Finale of Series 2 and we can’t wait to get stuck …

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 Working in this heat like...  Garfield may not like Mondays but we like his face on clothes by @lazyoafs. So there.  Live street art and other cool stuff is happening in BRIXTON right now for Urban Art 2014. A visual feast...  This happened yesterday. Wowzers.  Hi Monday! Lolz.  Ok we HEART this amazing collab between The Fox Problem guest @lauraleedockrill and cobbler @terrydehavilland. Shoes. With Darcy Burdock house patterns. Amaze...  Happy Pride Weekend! ...Dinner anyone? (Regram from @cocomayalondon)  If you're going/already there come party with us - we're djing on Sunday! William's Green stage. 1-2:30am. Sorted.  Our Foxes Gemma and Georgia are cycling from London to PARIS in just a few days, to raise money for Leuka - and they've been getting a bit of practice in! (#Regram from @gemagain)  Remember when you recorded the Top 40 with Dr Fox, then the next day THIS happened? LET DOWN.  We all had balanced diets in the 90s... -------------------------------------------------- #ThrowbackThursday #90s #retro #sweets #tbt #tb #flashback #ringpop #pushpop #school #oldskool #foodporn #colourful #bright  One way to kick this weather in the nuts: HOLOGRAPHIC FASH. We're loving these super-shiny-happy metallics. And it's a double win 'cause the rain runs right off... -------------------------------------------------- #fashion #holographic #hologram #style #love #skirt #boots #bag #bright #colourful #futuristic #london #shoreditch #shiny #thefoxproblem