5 Ways to Get Genuine Comments on Instagram

Instagram is becoming smart day by day, and if your posts don’t get any initial engagement, it will be buried under 95 million posts shared every day. So it’s crucial to get engagement on your posts.

By engagement, I mean likes and comments. But the question is how can you bring in tons of likes and comments everytime you post a new photo. Well, if you are lost and don’t know the answer yet stick around with me because in this article I’ll show you 5 techniques that will blow up your Instagram account.

So let’s get started.

1. Directly ask in Comments

The best way to get initial comments is by directly asking your followers to comment on your post by adding a caption like “Please Comment” or “Leave a comment.” If that sounds odd you can also ask them questions and tell them to comment their answers.

For example, if you posted a picture of two recipes you can ask what they’ll choose between A or B. That way when people will start commenting on your photo in the first 15 minutes Instagram algorithm will pick up your picture and show it to other of your followers.

This is one the best and a proven way to generate lots and lots of comments on every photo that you post.

2. Ask Questions in the Image Itself

People don’t always read your caption and even if you post questions and ask them to comment you won’t see much of the success in this method. The other workaround to this to method is use Text Overlay in your images. This way your followers will right of the bat see the message that you are trying to convey. It can be anything may be “Comment down” or “Choose the best option and comment” or whatsoever.

Whenever they see it in an image, it will dramatically increase your comments and give you the initial boost which you are looking for.

3. Respond to Comments

This is a win-win situation for both the followers and you. Let me explain how. When someone comments on your picture by following the above two tactics, they hope that you’ll reply in 99% of the cases. Now, when you reply to their comments, they’ll tend to comment again on your next post.

The best part is when some new follower will check all the comments and the overall engagement of the post they’ll also end up commenting on the photo, and you’ll create an astounding level of engagement just by doing next to nothing.

4. Run Comment and “Tag To Win” Contests

This is an evergreen technique which is working like crazy. If you are struggling to get real comments even after trying all the above three methods, you should definitely give this one a try.

For this method to work correctly, all you need to do is post an engaging photo/video on your feed and ask your followers to comment a number and win. Give them a range let’s say any number between 1 – 500. Also, keep a time limit of 12 or 24 hours this will create an urgency. This technique will set your Instagram account on fire.

5. Buy Genuine Instagram Comments

This industry is getting huge day by day, and many people are selling fake likes in the name of genuine service. Only buy Instagram comments service if you know the seller is legit and will not scam you by giving fake comments.

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