Growing your audience as an Internet Marketer

The fact that it receives eight million monthly, active users is testament alone to the sheer success of the social media platform that we know and love as Instagram. Attracting people from a vast audience of all ages, sexes and creeds, Instagram has quickly become a household name in the deep waters of the Worldwide Web. Arguably, the largest demographic on Instagram is the younger generation, but practically any demographic can be found among the many, many users gracing Instagram today.

But what does this mean for us Internet Marketers? Yes, you guessed it! It means that at our disposal we have a seemingly infinite source of free traffic at our disposal and what’s more, traffic that we can target with pinpoint precision. From this jaw-droppingly vast audience, we can hand-select who we are showing our content to, based on interest alone.

The hashtag is a craze that set its roots deep into the metaphorical soils of social media on August the 23rd 2007 when former Google developer Chis Messina tweeted “How do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]”. At first, the suggestion was met with criticism and the inevitable hate but in 2009 when Twitter officially adopted the principle and hyperlinked hashtags, it really took to the sky.

It’s a wonderful tool as it means we, the marketers, can target all content uploaded on Instagram, Twitter and now Facebook by simply typing # followed by an interest or group. By just adding a # and a singular word, your post will be displayed to all those with a curiosity in that particular interest.
This makes marketing on social media a whole lot easier, cheaper on the wallet and above all – efficient.

All this said and done, it is crucial that your content is eye-catching and inviting. It’s no use having this glorious ability if it’s poorly executed. Add a little text to your picture; don’t over-do this as to do so will make your post look like spam. Use contrasting colours and a nice, friendly looking font and be clear, concise and straight to the point.

If you want to give your posts a little more credibility then it’s oft advised to purchase followers. This practice is perfect for those that have only recently set up their profile with a mind to advertise as sadly, new profiles with no followers are often overlooked and dismissed by the subconscious. On the flip-side an Instagram profile adorned with a following that to outside appearances looks loyal and stands a true testament to the integrity of the poster.

Many people think that buying Instagram followers is in a way cheating. This is far from the truth. In fact, it’s merely keeping up. The old saying “If you can’t beat them; join them” comes into play here and definitely worth keeping in mind. It’s more than probable that any competition you see with great stats have, at some point, purchased Instagram followers to give their journey a little step up in the right direction.