How to become an Instagram Star with a massive following

If you are looking to get a massive following to become an Instagram Star then you have found the right article. In this post I’ll guide you how you can be an Instagram star and gain a massive following with this proven tactics. So without wasting much of the time. Let’s dive right in!

Instagram is all about posting at your best times. First you need to analyze and see at what time in a day you get maximum number of likes and comments. Repeat the activity for 1 week and check your best performing post also note down the posting time. Once you figure out that your audience is engaging great with your content at 1 PM (example) then daily post at 1 PM.

After sometime people will wait for your post to arrive. Remember the more you engage with your audience the more loyal your followers base will be. Nobody likes to get ignored and when you ignore your followers comments slowly they will start engaging with your content a little less. Always respect your followers and they’ll return the favor.

It’s one of the best marketing strategy which is developed recently to gain huge followers in a short time span. All you need to do is collab with a big Instagram influencer and do a video or post some photos with them on your handle and also tell them to do the same in their account. This way, their followers will see you with them and you’ll start attracting their followers.

We highly recommend you to buy Instagram followers this is the most golden and hidden secret when it comes to gaining Instagram followers. Instagram Hashtags can make or break your game. Yes, it’s the most crucial way of getting followers. You need to research the best hashtags in your niche and include those hashtags in every photo that you upload on IG. When people will explore the hashtags they’ll automatically start following you.

Instagram is not just a photo sharing platform anymore. You can also post 1 minute short videos and great stories. If you want to be an influencer you need to cover all the aspects of this. The best you can do to grab your followers attention is to post great and informative stories that they love to see all day long.

Post Consistently” I know you have heard this more than a zillion times now. But let me tell you it’s what most of the people overlook. A successful person is always consistent be it anything. Same goes for Instagram if you are here to gain followers whom you can influence you need to provide them good content in the form of photos and video and most importantly you need to do it on a daily basis. If for any reason you cannot do that you’ll never succeed on Instagram.

I hope you liked this power packed tips for gaining a massive following on Instagram. If you follow all these tips in a proper manner I assure you that in few months you’ll start seeing new followers rolling in. If you have any doubts feel free to leave a comment down below.