Thinking of owning your own home?

Many people rush into acquiring homes,  not necessarily because they are ready and have made up their minds after careful observations and finding, but because owning a home in the society has been termed a big deal, and is used to measure financial independence.  Well, owning a home is actually a big deal, and you need to take out time to prepare adequately for it.

 Under-listed here are tips to help you. 

1. Budget within your means.

Remember you will also need money for house maintenance and other financial requirements, hence your budget shouldn’t stretch your affordability limit. Target a specific percent of your income towards your home ownership.

2.Be open minded

As much as we have amazing plans and expectations, what happens if your employment situation changes? What if you are not able to get the desirable home of your choice?  Life has many surprises waiting for us. You should be open minded to avoid jumping into hasty conclusion. Open mindedness ensures patience and proper planning.

3. Be diligent

You may find a land that meets all the qualities, in other words, ticks all the boxes. And get so excited, can’t wait to go for it. But stop to ask yourself, what if you’re just caught up in the superficial? There’s need to pay due attention to details. Do the mathematics, uncover the unseen, you may change your mind eventually. Check to be double sure of what you want.

4. Prepare to be a landlord

This means expected and unexpected home repairs will be up to you to handle. Regular maintenance inclusive. You sure need to be ready for that. It doesn’t all end at acquiring land and building a home. Get ready to handle replacement resulting from general wear and tear. You’ll need a financial plan for this too.

5. Hire a professional.

You can’t be your own lawyer, your own agent, your own building contractor and a host of others at the same time. Get a professional to make the journey easier. Someone you can trust, of course. You could speak with friends for referrals, but be sure you’re guided from making costly mistakes. Blochaus Africa are a professional team that can help you get cheap land in ibeju lekki